Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just Me

Name is Emese (EH-meh-sheh), you can guess from the name, I am not American...nope 100% Hungarian by blood. I've been Americanized by insemination aka Dusty (the husband).

Real quick background: I was born in Pecs,HU, moved to Germany when I was 6 and to Rhode Island when I was 8 then I blinked, and we moved again to Mountain View ( near San Francisco). Lived there for a couple years, then moved to Agoura Hills lived there for another two years and moved all around Ventura County. There is my childhood life in a nut least the where I come from part, the rest is much more interesting I PROMISE!

I am going to answer the 2 questions everyone always asks, to save you the trouble. Yes I speak Hungarian and No I don't speak German anymore. Third most popular question: No I have not been back to visit.

Today - still live in Ventura County, married to a (most of the time) great man, we have two great kids. Jacob aka Jake he is 8, and for the most part acts like a typical 8 year old boy, gets in trouble, gets dirty and picks on his little sister Kaitlyn aka Kayti. She is 5, going on 30, no joke sometimes I think she is better at this mom thing then me. Oh and the dog, Lola, a 1 year old toy poodle.

I am very open about my life ...I usually get the "write a book" from most people I share it with. Unfortunatly I am a great talker not a great writer, but I'll do my best not to sound like a total idiot.

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