Friday, October 2, 2009

The decision was made

About 10 years ago, we (Dusty and I) decided we wanted two kids, first a boy and then a girl. We have been EXTREMELY blessed, we have Jake now 8 and Kayti just turned 6. When Kayti was 2 we decided that Dusty would "get fixed", I had to endure pregnancy and labor, it was HIS turn. So June of 2007, it finally happened...Dusty "got fixed". After about a month, he was to go back and get checked...make sure there are no swimmers left in there. He never went back, we just assumed everything was 'fine'. Back in 1998 I had a ectopic pregnancy, and lost my left fallopian tube, so it took me some time to conceive both my kids. This all being said, I missed my favorite time of the month in September. I took a test 2 weeks ago and it came out negative...
I secretly wish that he still has swimmers in there and despite all odds, I would love to have another baby. Financially not quite sure how we would manage, but I would welcome him/her with open arms! When I told Dusty (2 weeks ago) that there is a minuscule chance that I might be pregnant, I think he couldn't help but feel the same way...lets just say the look on his face was not disappointment.