Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Does It Still Amaze Me?

I think of things and just like that they come true but only when I think of things and envision myself talking to God. I am still fairly new to walking with the Lord, but lately I think of things and something inside me tells me what the outcome will be... even if it's not what I want it to be.

I get prayer requests all the time, and I don't mean me personally, but via Facebook someone puts out a prayer request or I read a blog and there is a request for a prayer and I instantly pray... in my head. Just as fast as I pray I get an overwhelming feeling of the "answer". Sometimes it's good sometimes it's not so good. I prayed this morning for a friend's friend and instantly I got the feeling that this was one of those not so good outcomes... it made me want to cry. So now all I can pray for is peace and strength.

Yesterday on my way home from work I couldn't help but go into "pity me" mode. I thought of all the things I do for my family and how my husband gets to go to work, come home and not really worry about anything else. I started to cry... I think I was just overly tired... so I prayed just for peace... nothing else. I got home, and most of the laundry was done, my husband had made a spare key for the babysitter...etc. things were just 'taken care' of. So I shot up a big Thank you!! I don't know why it still amazes me, He comes through for me ALL the time. Sometimes it requires me humbling myself because my prayers are selfish, but mostly when I am really down in the dumps He picks me up :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Answered Prayer

Yesterday while attending a friend's church, a woman stood up and filled in the congregation about a baby they have been praying for... a baby that is not even born yet.

At 13 weeks the baby was diagnosed with a condition, Gastroschisis (I think) where ALL his/her major organs were developing outside his/her body, even his/her heart. If this wasn't enough they also found fluid on the brain. The doctor's gave the baby 0%... let me repeat 0% chance of survival. The church prayed for the family.

Sometime later the mom went back for an ultrasound, and miraculously (meaning no medical explanation as to how this happened) the baby's heart was back inside his/her body, and the fluid on the brain was gone... again the church prayed.

The woman, at my friend's church, received an e-mail from the baby's mom the day before yesterday; most of the babies organs are now INSIDE his/her body, the organs that remain on the outside are FULLY operable, and the baby should be able to lead a normal healthy life without any permanent birth defects...

From 0% chance of survival to not even having any kind of permanent birth defect... If that's not the power of prayer then I don't know what is....