Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kinda Creepy

So I have been battling insomnia for a quite some time now. Not sure where its coming from, but one day I was able to sleep just fine, and the next day, not so much. I went to bed @ 10;30 last night and at 12 I was still tossing and turning. I have a real bad habit of not being able to fall asleep without the TV on, so of course I try to watch something interesting because heaven forbid I try to let the boredom lull me to sleep. Then I get into whatever I was watching, last night it was Hell's Kitchen, and even after its over I can't 'shut the brain down' I am exhausted, my eyes want to shut, but my mind keeps wondering.

About 12am I hear people walk by our bedroom window, of course I have to take a I am extremely nosey. There were three teenage boys, with spray paint cans in hand, walking down to the creek behind our condo...great! The hubs is I go out there and say I let it go? We live in a relatively good neighborhood, not much happens, so the odds of it being someone 'dangerous' is pretty slim, but do I chance it? I have two sleeping kids in the house. I let it go and watched through my blinds as they sprayed a bit here a bit there and kept walking down the path. about 30 min later, I here the spray can again, and of course I get out of bed and peek through the blinds just as they are walking by. They shined a flash light right in my bedroom window...and took off running. Me not being able to keep my mouth shut, had to yell back..."yeah you better run" like I was really going to be able to do something?!? For the next half hour I was pacing around the house making sure all the windows and doors were locked, making sure all the blinds were closed, I even shut poor Lola's (our dog) doggy door..she is a toy poodle...the doggy door is not that big, why I shut it, I have no idea??? Then I went back to bed and all I could think: if they were gang members they could just walk by my bedroom window and shoot me while I am sleeping....all I wanted to do is go outside and find out what they sprayed? Was it gang symbols = call cops, or just a bunch or kids being stupid = go back to sleep and deal w/ it later. After about an hour of panic, I fell asleep.

First thing this morning, I walk out there, because I am dying to know... and I see a bunch of dots...yes just dots = kids being stupid... Thank God!

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